What is landscape architecture?

  • Landscape architecture is the art and science that deals with the planning of the aesthetics and functionality of open spaces. It is related to many sciences (such as floriculture, architecture, etc.).
  • It is planning open spaces architecturally, using living and non-living elements such as plants and structures. It gives function to spaces to serve the needs of people, with respect for the environment.

What is the meaning of “landscape”?

  • Landscape is a person´s view when he is standing or moving in an open space.

What are the implementations of landscape architecture?

  • Landscape architecture studies and designs longscale plans, green urban spaces, parks and gardens.

What is the importance of landscape architecture for society?

  • Evolution led humans to live mainly in structured environments (cities). People detached from nature but kept looking for contact with natural environments, so they started creating artificial landscapes. With landscape architecture, landscapes are designed, created and preserved, making people´s lives better.
  • The quality of the environment where humans live is a sign of cultural growth.