Here are some garden design and landscape architecture tips.

The plants you use in your garden must match the aesthetic of the surrounding space and must look beautiful.

(Giorgos P.)


Use trees with dense foliage to protect an area from wind.

Use high and dense plants to hide unpleasant views.

Evergreen trees fill your garden all year round.

Colorful flowers give a pleasant view to visitors.

Big trees with big roots will create problems in a small garden.

(Faye- Sofia)


A living amphitheatre can be created with plants of different height.



Deciduous trees will give you shade in summer and warm sunrays reaching the house in winter.

Plants and trees must be adapted to the soil and climate conditions of the garden.

You can highlight a certain point by creating an optical corridor towards it, using plants.

(Giorgos H.)


Beautiful plants attract views and visitors.